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Face Mask
Discover comfort and protection with our Face Mask, a high-quality everyday need. Its triple-layered structure provides superior filtration while maintaining breathability. The smooth and skin-friendly fabric provides a pleasant fit for long periods of usage. The elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip ensure a secure and customized fit for all face shapes.
Foley Catheter
Our Foley Catheter, a medical-grade solution for safe and efficient urine drainage, is now available. This catheter is precision-crafted with a soft, biocompatible material for patient comfort throughout extended use. The balloon-inflating method provides tight insertion and reduces the possibility of dislodgement. The smooth, tapered insertion point eliminates discomfort during catheterization.
Oxygen Mask
With our Oxygen Mask, you can improve respiratory care. It is designed for comfort, with soft, latex-free materials and an adjustable nose clip for a comfortable fit. The clear design provides for easy monitoring of oxygen therapy. Our Oxygen Mask, which is suitable for use in hospitals or at home, enables effective and comfortable oxygen delivery for improved respiratory support.
Urine Bag
Our Urine Bag is a dependable medical equipment for safe urine collection. This bag is made of high-quality materials and has a user-friendly design with a secure closure system. The clear material enables for easy monitoring of urine production. Our Urine Bag, which is ideal for hospitals and home care, prioritizes patient comfort and clinical efficiency.
Cannula Fixator
Discover comfort and stability with our Cannula Fixator, which is created for stable nasal cannula implantation. It is made of delicate, latex-free materials and guarantees a snug fit without causing skin irritation. The adjustable strap provides a personalized and secure hold, enhancing patient comfort during oxygen therapy. Our Cannula Fixator is dependable and comfortable to use.
IV Cannula
Our IV Cannula provides precision and safety. It is designed for medical use and has a sharp, beveled needle for smooth insertion. The flexible wings increase patient comfort by providing support during installation. Our IV Cannula is sterile and latex-free, and it satisfies high healthcare standards for dependability and patient safety. With our high-quality product, you can rely on great intravenous access.
IV Set
Introducing our IV Set, a critical medical tool for ensuring accurate intravenous delivery. Precision-crafted, it features a sterile and flexible tubing system for safe and efficient fluid distribution. The variable flow rate allows for tailored treatment. For exceptional patient care, put your trust in the quality and safety of our IV Set.
Surgical Gloves
Our Surgical Gloves provide maximum protection and tactile sensitivity. These gloves, made of high-quality latex-free fabrics, provide a secure and comfortable fit. The gloves are intended for medical personnel and provide a durable barrier against pollutants while allowing accurate handling. For safe and effective surgical procedures, rely on our Surgical Gloves.
Disposable Syringe
Our Disposable Syringe is a critical medical tool for accurate and safe medication administration. It is precision-crafted and has clear indications for exact dosage measurement. The sterile, single-use design protects patients and prevents infection. For smooth medical procedures, rely on the dependability and convenience of our Disposable Syringe.

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